So, there we were, 12 years in. A solid basket of loyal clients, content with not trying to be the latest flavor-of-the-month music supervision & production house. Quietly doing great work, project after project, and leaving the Instaglamming to the others.

Our focus has always been the same. Deliver VALUE to our clients. And that takes 2 minds: CREATIVE & STRATEGIC. The creative mind to dig into the latest sounds, to find the new unique voices, to find the melody where nothing existed before. And the strategic, helping you find ways to afford that well-known song, nailing the perfect production in 24 hours.


We started to look around at all the amazing producers that make music for us. That write for us in the dead of night, during the weekend, on holidays. And we realized there was another dimension.

These producers are the fucking hustlers, the wizards that are absorbing everything that pop culture throws at them, and discovering the next sound that didn’t exist before.

The ace producer living basically to off-the grid, making left-of-center pop masterpieces. The orchestral composer making ungodly beautiful music that have a timelessness yet feel completely modern. The unheard-of dude in Houston making infectious and joyful hiphop at 3am. Because that’s what he does.


These producers. The real artists. They are moving way too fast to play the same 10 songs on tour every night. They are in the trenches everyday of their musical lives. Pushing and failing, stumbling, winning. This is what is now driving modern music forward. This bold, relentless producer finding their way.

SCOUT has found a role in this new way of working. We empower these bold new voices to make music that our clients want and need. And to do this, we have started the SCOUT MUSIC DESIGN LAB.

Multiple producers and talented artists striving to find the next sound. To uncover the DNA of what is popping. What could work. What might not work but is still worth uncovering. We pull in music from all time zones, from world class studios to ratty studio apartments. We then remix, retool, rethink, and remaster to keep our clients happy and to keep everyone on their toes.

Put SCOUT MUSIC DESIGN LAB at work for your project. Contact for materials.