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Shit We Love – Vol. 1 Summer Jams

Shit We Love – Vol. 1 Summer Jams

At Scout we spend our days listening to, analyzing, and compiling music – and it never gets old. When it comes down to it, Joey and I are just two lifelong music nerds. So, we want to share our passion & favorite jams with you… in a new blog feature we’re calling “Shit We Love”!

In this first volume, we highlight our favorite summer jams. This is no “our taste is obscurer than thou (thou’s?)” – just 5 solid tunes that make us wanna boogie on the beach. So pour yourself a glass of spiked lemonade, roll the windows down (unless you live in SF, then put a sweater on), and give ’em a spin!

1. Joey’s pick – Joe Cuba “Bang Bang”

Summer in a bottle. You can hear the sweaty streets of the inner city in this Nuyorican classic from the Father of Latin Boogaloo, Joe Cuba. Infectious fun for an endless summer.

2. Casey’s pick – Booker T & the MG’s “Green Onions”

This instrumental classic stands as my #1 favorite song of all time. The simplicity of the groove, and that Hammond M-3 cuts a cool line straight to my soul. And as one of the first commercially successful racially-integrated bands, Booker T & the MG’s demonstrated that the best shit is made when we jam together – a message we need to be reminded of today.

3. Joey’s pick – Marcia Griffiths “Feel Like Jumping”

Another 60’s summer classic, “Feel Like Jumping” from Marcia Griffiths, written by Bob Andy and Jackie Mittoo and produced by no other than Coxsone Dodd at Studio One, Kingston. Soak it in.

4. Casey’s Pick – Shannon and the Clams “Point of Being Right”

This one is NOT from the 60’s, but it sure sounds like it is. Shannon and the Clams serve up sugar-coated sass like a cigarette-flavored kiss. Just TRY not to wiggle your hips and fail-lip-sync along like the endearing band of misfits in the video.

5. Joey’s pick – Rihanna “Work”

Damn, I resisted pop music for so long. But then I started digging in. All the freshness that indie music had in the 90’s, has moved to pop, in a big way.
This track has 7 (SEVEN) songwriters and 3 producers. Her new track “Needed Me” has 12 writers. Crazy! Critics say it breeds a boardroom mentality, I say teams of writers push each other to create a new golden age of pop music.
Muted bass and subtle 8 bit influences lay a bed for Rhianna’s sleepy attitudey vox and vocoder ramblings. Light dancehall rhythms, Drake doing Drake, and harmonies stacked by king vocal producer Kuk Harrell make this a  late night summer treat. Bonus points for the club scenes and her big ass pink coat in the video.

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