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French Cassettes on Hangover Cures & SF’s Music Scene

French Cassettes on Hangover Cures & SF’s Music Scene

French Cassette’s singer/guitarist, Scott Huerta aims for the Death Star.

On a cool Thursday afternoon, Scout’s producer Casey met with French Cassettes’ members Scott Huerta and Mackenzie Bunch at an Outer Richmond dive bar for beers, pinball, an infamous meat cone, and a round of questions.

Upon arrival, the bar was undergoing renovations and the kitchen was closed, so there was no meat cone or ping-pong to be had, but we got a round of beers and talked about lots of random things.

To start things off, a surprisingly-appropriate question for the day (not naming names): Go-to hangover cures:

Mac: Michelada, hands down. And steak.

Scott: Kombucha & ice cream & cheese (not together)

2. Ice cream flavor:

Scott (kept it old school): Rocky road

Mac (went for a classic): Mint chocolate chip

3. New Star Wars: Yay or nay?

Consensus: Yay! (Mac was wearing a Darth Vader shirt)

4. What are your “day jobs”?

Mac: Amnesia bar, and screen printing

Scott: Just had his first day as a designated shopper for Instacart

5. Thoughts on the current state of San Francisco and how it affects the music scene?

Scott: Snapchat had taken over and it’s lame. I try to never take videos at shows.

Mac: It’s boring.

6. If French Cassettes were a cocktail, what would be in it?

Scott: Something like a Negroni

Mac: Tequila, vodka, and whiskey. And then we spit in it.

img French Cassettes on Hangover Cures & SF's Music Scene Hanging with French Cassettes in a dive bar in the afternoon! (L-R Casey, Scott, Mackenzie)

7. Best band name

Scott: I like when a bands name kind of tells you what they sound like. Like Beats Antique. Or The National.

8. Favorite band(s):

Mac: Currently I’m all about Anderson Paak. It’s like D’Angelo and Kendrick Lamar coming together, if Kendrick Lamar could sing.

Scott: ELO forever, and Violent Femmes

9. Favorite smell:

Mac: B.O. (honestly)*. It’s kind of a turn on if a girl is stinky. And tube amps.

Scott: Irish Spring! And skin warmed by the sun. Warm hide.

*They all also make their own deodorant and swear by it. Recipe: coconut oil, baking soda, scented essential oil of your choice. Optional: cornmeal.

10. Favorite SF restaurant:

Mac: Two Jacks Nik’s Place on Haight. On Thursdays they do a #tbt menu and throw back to the prices on their 1977 menu. $2.45 cheeseburgers, 70 cent french fries and salads!

Scott: The Tee Off makes a mean veggie burger. The pupuseria at 16th and Valencia. And Shizen Vegan Sushi Bar & Izakaya.

11. Favorite movie:

Scott: La Bomba

Mac: The X-Files, seasons 1-7*

*Scott: You just like Scully. Mac: Yeah she’s pretty hot. Scott: And you know what, so is Mulder. Mac: Yeah totally.

12. Favorite local bands:

Spooky Mansion

Tino Drima

Poor Things

Boy Scouts

Talk of Shamans


And last but not least, we discussed David Blaine’s captivating powers. Here’s Scott’s favorite:

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