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Securing Music for Commercial Use with Scout Music

Finding and licensing music for commercial use has some challenges, but these challenges can be navigated with an experienced music provider.


Licensing a known / hit song

Working with a music supervisor is the key to securing the proper rights and negotiating the best deal and terms. A music supervisor will also work hand-in-hand with your creative team to find new options that might not have been considered, often at more accessible budgets than classic or super popular options. Structuring the deal to plan for a proper media buy and planning for future usage options is very important should be considered. Reach out to inquire about Scout’s music supervision services.

License music from a music licensing catalog or music library

Music licensing companies and music libraries organize music that is cleared for commercial use. “Stock” music libraries are just that: expected styles at affordable rates, but many times this route leaves the project wanting a bit to cut through the noise. Music licensing companies, like Scout Music, represent catalogs of music that’s cleared for advertising and commercial use, but closer in quality to known / hit songs without the jaw-dropping price tag.

Hire a composer

For commercial projects needing a close match to what’s on the screen or a mix of styles/lyrics that doesn’t exist otherwise, original music composition and production is the way to go. Depending on budget, Scout’s team comes up with 1-20+ new options for your spot, working with you until completion. Having the right writers available during tight turnarounds is key, and being able to work through needed revisions until everyone is thrilled is the key to original music success.

Re-record a known song

Some of the best bang for your buck can be found by covering a known song. This usually results in savings of 30-40% vs. licensing the original master. A huge benefit is that you can put a new spin on an old favorite, matching the mood of the cover to your project. This can be the perfect combination: something known, something new, and value. Whether you help audiences rediscover a once-popular gem or do a twist on a modern favorite, the creative possibilities are endless.

Scout Music is a music licensing, supervision and production company in San Francisco, CA. Scout can help you in the search and licensing of a known song, licensing a track from our catalog, creating an original production or a new cover.


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