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The Musician’s Guide to Licensing Music with Scout

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Scout Music helps artists get their music on ads, tv and film projects. We have a complete music licensing catalog and also produce original music for licensing project.

The easiest way to work with Scout is to ask to submit your music. We’re usually happy to listen to links that are easy to access. Before sending music to us or any other company, think about what we’ll see when we click that link.

Putting yourself in our shoes is a helpful exercise. Will we see a few unfinished hip hop beats, and then a generic rock track? Track names that are misspelled and a blurry picture? Please no! Create a definite image and sense of quality. Have a “lane” – a niche that when we think of you, we’ll think “Oh, they do X really well.”

If we like what we hear, we’ll offer to work together. We’ll send you our standard agreement, and when all parties agree and sign, we’ll then ask for the masters. At this point, you should send us 48k WAV files of the full mastered mix, a mastered instrumental mix, and an a cappella (vocal only version) if at all possible.

Sometimes that’s all it takes for music licensing success! But many times that’s just the start. Many of the artists that find the most success with Scout are those that are asking us what’s hot and what is hard to find. We’re always willing to let you know those gems that we are looking for. Always take time to improve your craft, focus on what’s needed, and keep collaborating and experimenting.

For the savvy producers out there, custom music demos for advertising jobs is fun, demanding and very fast paced. Being able to score to picture and be incredibly detail oriented are necessities. We’re always happy to nurture emerging talent if the dedication is there.

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