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Music Design Lab


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The Scout Music Design Lab is a modern apprentice and mentoring model for music producers and musicians.

Based on emerging and classic music trends, participants collaborate and create original tracks with guidance from Scout.


Creating music for paying clients requires a unique skillset and mindset. Accessing the opportunity to learn the skills is tough. By creating a direct pathway to skills, experience and access to real opportunities, the Music Design Lab ushers in the next generation of working producers while creating hard-to-find and in-demand styles and songs for our clients.


Working with emerging talent is the best part of the job. Their fresh perspective adds realness to projects that isn’t possible working solely with the old pros. Producing music successfully is equal parts raw inspiration, talent and strategy. You gotta mix it up.


“We’d already been developing music in this way, and our clients loved the results. We realized that by structuring the Design Lab as a series of song challenges, we can help clients with more of the styles they need while helping more producers and writers as they come up.”





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“Our clients are always looking for those songs that jump out. They are hard to find unless the client has the resources to license a known hit. The Music Design Lab helps out our clients get the songs they need, and get involved in the process while ushering in the next generation of talented producers and writers.”






Want to participate? Want the Lab to work on music for your project?

Contact Joey Prather, Music Supervisor & Producer

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The first two challenges are now posted:


CHALLENGE #1 – Next Deadline September 28

Music Design Lab Challenge #1: Sung Hip Hop



CHALLENGE #2 – Next Deadline September 28

Music Design Lab Challenge #2: Classic Jukebox Song


Scout Music has been fortunate to make music for ads, tv shows and film since 2005. We’ve created and licensed music for brands such as Levi’s, Old Spice, BMW, McDonald’s, Google, Nike, Nintendo & Renault, and TV shows like The Big Bang Theory, Shameless, Californication, Cold Case, and The Mentalist.