Featured Work: Apple Watch - Close Your Rings

Scout Music offers a meticulously curated catalog, collected over the past decade and a half. Scout specializes in pop, urban, indie, classic styles and unique scored options.

We’ve licensed music to major ad campaigns, countless web projects and top television programs in the US and abroad.

Securing the music rights for a production is often a frustrating process. Multiple writers, publishers and master owners can be difficult to work with, and the negotiation process can take weeks, often a tactic of savvy rights holders to drive up licensing costs.

Typically, the alternative has been to use music libraries. These behemoths have every style imaginable, but oftentimes the music is uninspired to say the least. In today’s media world, cutting through the noise is crucial. Cookie cutter music options are easy to clear, but usually leave the project lacking.

Scout Music’s boutique sync licensing catalog has 4000 highly curated songs and instrumentals and growing. Each week, we work with on-trend producers, tastemakers and new artists to deliver what results that could only be found through big labels and publishers in the past. We work hard to make sure that our catalog is available for quick one-stop clearance, and much of our catalog is customizable and editable to suit your needs. This has kept our client base happy and growing since our founding in 2005.

Email with details of your project, and we’ll get a playlist out to you ASAP.

The Scout Music Licensing Team