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Joey Prather, Exec Producer 

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Creative demands change, timelines change, clients change. Everything about this job changes constantly. Except Scout.

Old-school trained, new-school brained. A hands-on bettermaker, a creative and strategic partner for your project. An ally.


Music supervision. Music production. Music licensing catalog. Today's budget-challenged and nimble projects require flexibility to drive the best results for the job. The central question is.. How should we go about it? Music search? Original demo? Need 1? 15? By Friday? Or does it make sense to music supervise this? Bring in options from labels and outside artists with no restrictions?

Asking/answering. Are we leaning obscure or obvious on this? Will the client go for this? Bring in a hot new beatmaker for a couple options? Add a known name to the mix? Do a session at a place at the beach?


Joey Prather, Music Supervisor & Exec Producer

Headphones on, listening to Bob Seger and early rap records when I was 4. Sneaking my Fisher Price tape recorder to record The Empire Strikes when I was 6. Failing calculus in high school because I was arranging horn parts in class. Practicing piano 4 hours a day in college. Touring the US and Canada, Europe and South America.

Deep love of indie pop and rock in all its forms. Classic and new pop, hip hop and RnB. Conducted orchestras, opera and music theater. Gospel, jazz, bluegrass. Southern and classic rock. Country and folk.

12 years of success with Scout. An amazing roster of clients that know we’ll execute a plan to deliver each and every time. Grateful to have collaborated with amazingly talented producers, musicians, vocalists and mixers along the way.